I've had this idea for a while now and don't know what to do with it. Maybe if enough people care, the idea will reach someone or a team of savvy tech people who can make it happen. I had shared this idea, funnily enough, via Facebook a year or two ago and it turned some heads. Now the urgency to be heard (and have it implemented) is greater because Ottawa is losing another historic live music venue... Zaphods. #sad


What if Facebook Event Invite pages had an option to donate an unspecified monetary amount towards the venue? I get invited to loads of awesome events on Facebook because I follow a lot of musicians. I generally opt out of events these days as I've been pregnant, sick or staying at home with baby. It doesn't mean I don't want to support your band - or, on a grander scale - the venue. If I could click "Yes" "Maybe" or "No" with the option to donate the door price/ticket price/or PWYC (pay what you can), I would. Not every time. But more than ZERO times.

Giving your targeted guests the option to throw a dollar, ten dollars or more towards your event allows guests the privilege of being like "hey, I can't make it out but you rock and I wanna support you." 

Find tickets?: If you know you can't make it and maybe don't wanna pay a full ticket price yet still want to support the band/venue/event why not add a PWYC option?

Like I said - this idea could potentially help give dying scenes the boost they need to stay afloat. It's not always finances keeping fans and friends away from shows/events... We want to help.