Everyone's sharing photos of their mom on social media today. Maybe not "their mom" exactly... but it's nice to see motherly figures have their day.  

To that effect, Happy Mother's Day to the caretakers out there. Being a mom is the ultimate caretaking job. For example: I just made a bath for Aurora and the second I put her in it, she pooped. Everywhere. Haha! I've been pooped, peed and puked on at least once per day for the last week or so and I wouldn't have it any other way. It's cosmic payback, I guess. 

God bless technology for allowing us to give our moms shoutouts. For those whose folks aren't online, aren't available or who've passed, sharing a nice memory and/or photo can be cathartic. I had the pleasure of receiving a bunch of baby pics of me from my mom today. 


Me and mom!  Snappy dresser, eh?


This was my 1st Christmas, I think. Dad was 33 or 34 here. What is he drinking from? Is that a cup or a Barbie toilet?? 


Mom had me at 23. She beat me by 5 years. So young! 


Me and dad.  


Me at the cottage! Sweet boots! 


Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there doing their absolute best.  


It really is Baby's Day though, isn't it? ;)