There was a post circulating Facebook a while back that had people posting their Top 10 Albums. Not necessarily their faves - but albums that held some significance in their lives. Generally, I refrain from hopping on those types of bandwagons but this was one I wanted to jump on I just couldn't think of the albums. 

It wasn't easy coming up with a Top 10 list but after much deliberation: I did it! 

Starting off with an absolute classic and Canadian legend. I can easily credit him/this album as my "gateway" LP to rock music. If I remember correctly, my dad bought me this CD from CD Warehouse when I was really young. 
"So Far So Good" is full of Cancon hits that was the right mix of 90s love ballads with ass kicking bangers. It was so good, I felt proud gifting this on cassette to Emily K. in elementary school. Had my first slow dance to Everything I Do (I Do it For You) with the boy I shared my first kiss with, too! This album is solid gold. A must have for Canadian 30 somethings.

Fave track: Please Forgive Me

Got into emo, screamo and harder rock in my teens. Thrice was the perfic mix of technical guitar riffs, harmonies, California surf-punk vibes with a harder edge. Thrice continues to make music and push the limits on their sound. I dropped off at Vheissu, but their second LP, The Illusion of Safety, stands tall as my fave Thrice record. 

Fave track: The Beltsville Cruicible

The Beatles final album isn't my favorite but it go the most play in my car. I'm a bigger fan of the early Beatles and in a way, this album kinds comes full circle. It's also kinda sad.

Fave track: Let it Be

I was nine years old when this album came out and it's still in my car. It still gets play. Oasis is my favorite band. I never did see them live, but I caught Noel last year at Bluesfest which was a total dream come true. Maybe one day...  Fun fact, my preferred Gallagher (Noel) allowed Liam to sing lead vocals on their smash hit Wonderwall if he could sing lead on the album's next track which, of course, was Don't Look Back in Anger. Noel didn't care to sing Wonderwall but he put up a stink to strike a deal that would lock him in for lead on the album's strongest song, in my opinion.

Fave track: Don't Look Back in Anger

1...2...3...4... Punk rock! PUNK ROCK. Real. Gritty. Fast. Simple. Hard. Ahead of their time, man.

Fave track: Havana Affair

As far as absolute guitar legends goes, Jimi's music was palatable, poetic and poppy enough for me to follow. Yeah, we've all been down the Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai wormhole before and they're friggin' awesome, too. This album spoke to my soul. Hendrix was beautiful - still is.

Fave track: The Wind Cries Mary *featured on the Original North American release

Metallica's self-titled, fifth studio effort is an album most of us call "The Black Album." This album was my introduction to classic thrash metal. 

Fave track: Through the Never

My best friend in elementary school gave me this CD when Iris broke out and Johnny Rzeznik was on the cover of all the teen magazines. I was way into this album when most girls were asking for Britney Spears' record. I'd pick this LP over any Spears joint, every time.

Fave track: Black Balloon

Pop punk and maybe a little emo, I jumped on the Ataris late. Still regret not seeing them at Maverick's a few years ago. Dang! This band is surf-punk fun when you need a break from the blink.

Fave track: San Dimas High School Football Rules

Since it's impossible to pick ONE blink album, I'm going with their live one. I know every single word to every single song on this record, including the stage banter. 

Fave track: Going Away to College

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