I drove a motorcycle for the very first time today. I'm 31, a mother of two and have a pretty wretched physical disability. I'm very, very busy but managed to find the time to cross something off my bucket list (or, to try to).

I believe my instructors are Shane and Dave  from the Ottawa Safety Council and my group is full of awesome people. Some with loads of moto experience and some with zero, like myself. I'm taking the M1 exit test tomorrow - wish me luck! 


Um, so yes. That's gotta be some leftover lunch in my teeth but I was too stoked to notice when I snapped this selfie. Yes. I got caught selfy-ing and yes, it was mildly embarrassing. Not as embarrassing as the time I dropped the friggin' motorcycle though... oops!

Here's hoping I don't blow it tomorrow! Today was one for the books. I see why riders love it.