I spent the last few days away from the city to spend some quality time with Everett before the new baby comes. We returned on Thursday to some news that baby might be in a weird position (keyword: "might") making things tricky for a natural delivery. Therefore, I will be laying extra low over the next week doing everything in my power to not trigger labour.

The plan is for a scheduled C Section. Everett was an emergency C in January 2015. It was a shocking and scary situation for me and I have increased anxiety regarding new baby's arrival. I'm doing my best to avoid stressful situations. We had a lot of visitors (family) with E's delivery and, in retrospect, I was not ready to socialize at that time.

This post is to let you know I might be unavailable over the next few weeks or months. I really enjoyed my down-time when we brought Everett home. Granted, life is busier now (career, building a house, rambunctious toddler) I ask that you respect my wishes surrounding said down-time.

Major concerns...

Major concerns for me include the health of baby during and post delivery, my physical and mental well-being and the transition home to our new family dynamic. I don't know how this new addition will impact Everett or how handling the stress of a toddler, newborn and rheumatoid arthritis (which tends to flare post delivery) will affect me and my relationship with Ryan and the kids.

People want to see the baby, especially family. I understand the desire to have a first look. As it stands: I, personally, will not be having visitors in my room at the hospital.

Here are some guidelines from the Ottawa Hospital regarding visitation in the Maternity Unit. If you are a family member thinking of visiting, you absolutely must read this: CLICK HERE.

We know how exciting it is to have a new baby. Remember that the new mother is recovering from giving birth and learning to take care of her new baby. Make sure she has time to rest and enjoy her baby.
Consider visiting the new family when they get home instead of in the hospital. Some mothers ask the nurse to limit their visitors.
— Information for Visitors, The Ottawa Hospital

If you are a family member hoping to visit at the hospital, I also request that you make Ryan your point person. I will not be taking calls or responding to messages for the first couple of days.