What is UP with the Fantasy Suites? 

Tonight we'll find out how Nick Viall's night with Raven went and whether or not his remaining dates Rachel and Vanessa will choose to "forego their individual rooms and stay as a couple in a fantasy suite." It all comes to a head tonight on a brand new episode of The Bachelor.

Former Bachelor contenders Ali Fedotowsky and Chris Soules spoke to Entertainment Tonight about Fantasy Suites and what really goes on behind closed doors. Both confirm the dates are spaced out by one full day and night, saying it is possible for Nick to literally sleep with all three women in the same week. Ali says "most do sleep with the people in the fantasy suites." 

Soules is a litte more reserved with his response, saying:

I honestly don’t know... that wasn’t the most important thing to me, it really wasn’t… I don’t ask people either. I don’t want to be asked to talk about it; it’s not anybody’s business… Most would assume but I also know what I went through and I know that just wasn’t a priority – it was the furthest thing from it.

The former stars confirmed that condoms are supplied, along with lube and "other stuff." They also both stated that all contestants are tested for STDs/STIs during the casting process. Romantic.

SPEAKING OF SEXY TIME... Who from Season 21 of the Bachelor will pop up on this season of Bachelor in Paradise?

 Bachelor in Paradise, ABC, 2015

Bachelor in Paradise, ABC, 2015

  • Alexis Waters (the dolphin girl from Jersey) says she's ready to go and really wants to meet Chad Johnson (barf).
  • Danielle Matlby (the neonatal nurse from Nashville) has expressed interest in BaP but says she doesn't know how much more time off she can take from the hospital. She also says she'd love to get to know Chris Soules and Chase McNary Brody if she gets the chance.
  • Kristina Schulman (dental hygienist from Kentucky/Russia) is open to the idea but doesn't have high expectations.

A surprising hold out? Corrine Olympios (business owner from Miami). She says it's too early to tell whether or not she'll be travelling to Mexico with former castaways from Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons passed. She doesn't want to "jump the gun."