When the weight of this pregnancy nearly had me considering Sick Leave and leaving work over a month early, I knew I had to try something, anything to keep going up until my proper leave date.

Some backstory...

I have rheumatoid arthritis. It affects every joint in my body (major ones include ankles, hips and wrists) and has since I was about 18 months old. I'm 30 now. So. Yeah. It's been a wild ride! This is my second pregnancy. I was not working full time during the first (which is stressful in a different way).

 December 2015: I gained 40lbs with my first pregnancy.

December 2015: I gained 40lbs with my first pregnancy.

It was around seven months into this pregnancy that the weight combined with stretching of ligaments and joints in my pelvic region started causing me some outta-this-world pain! I knew it wasn't just the RA and if it continued, how could I continue to be focused at work? I could barely walk to the white-board (about 10 feet from the microphone. Oh, I'm a radio DJ, BTW). Work itself is pretty low-impact, thank GOD, but you know you're in for a rough go when doing things like walking to the washroom, moving studios/offices and getting from the parking lot to said studios/offices leaves you absolutely drained. I was heading to bed before my 2 year old!
I don't like to miss work. The idea of Sick Leave was present in my mind, but I was unwilling to accept that as reality. So... I went to the doctor. Something's gotta give, right? The doctor strongly suggested I try acupuncture.


I had never considered acu-treatment before but the good doctor told me about this place downtown that was great and I was willing to try anything. The place?: OC3. I was set up with Dr. Steen and, let me tell you, his positive attitude and genuine interest in his patients' well-being really helped to keep me going through those painful sessions. Yes. Acupuncture probably cured me, but holy shit. It hurt. It definitely hurt. Dr. Steen (whose official title includes the following: B.Kin, ART, DC Chiropractor) is also a chiropractor (see official title reference like, four words ago), so we would often mix treatments.

What started as two to three appointments per week turned to once a week as my situation improved. The weight was still piling on of course but towards the end of my time with Dr. Steen and the OC3 we cut my appointments back to one every two weeks.

I'm nine months pregnant now and in great shape thanks to some brilliant medical intervention. Every appointment reminder came with an invitation to rate their business and care online. I told myself I wouldn't say anything about their service(s) until I had wrapped my time there.

I can't imagine being in this positive of a head space, feeling this good physically and being able to still be a "fun mom" for my 2 year old, very active son feeling the way I had prior to visiting the OC3. What Dr. Steen has done for me in 8 sessions over the course of 2.5 months is absolutely remarkable. I would highly recommend visiting the OC3 (conveniently located off Elgin St. at Cartier and Lewis with lots of street parking available nearby).

I will be pursuing further treatment with the OC3 post-pregnancy to deal with some ongoing issues relating to my RA which, again, is a method of treatment I hadn't previously considered.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns that relate to this blog post: CONTACT ME. I will gladly answer any and all Qs relating to rheumatoid arthritis, pregnancy with RA and my experiences relating to the treatment I received at the OC3.  


 My last day with these awesome people! Look at me, walking and smiling and stuff! (Feb. 28, 2017 @ KiSS 1053)

My last day with these awesome people! Look at me, walking and smiling and stuff! (Feb. 28, 2017 @ KiSS 1053)