Brooklyn’s Barclays Center just went public with their desire to end their relationship with the New York Islanders. The Islanders have the third worst attendance this year according to NHL statistics and the arena’s owner says it makes more money off of concerts and other events (they do have an NBA team, too).

At home, our Ottawa Senators rank 10th from the bottom when it comes to attendance which isn’t great. You’ve heard we’re in a “seat slump” from various news outlets and sports bloggers. The National Post has a great article on this topic: “Ottawa Senators could be in trouble if attendance doesn’t rise for big games in January” – CLICK HERE to see what they had to say.

 US Embassy Canada

US Embassy Canada

I’m a big sens fan but [it’s] not worth a month of groceries for one game.
— Eric commented on KiSS Ottawa's post

The big question on Facebook today: What would get YOU out to a Sens game?

Some people voiced their concern with the lack of metal detectors creating longer wait times for entry and confusion at the gates, some didn't like the heavy restrictions placed on smokers while others have changed their sport related routines opting for the RedBlacks or 67s.

Over one hundred comments shared between my personal and professional posts indicated two main causes for a slump in the stands: prices (admission, parking and concessions) and location.