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Partake Brewing: the Best Non-Alcoholic Beer

Oh haaaaaay, this is an opinion piece - I'm sure you have your fave non-alc. drink and there are more and more options each day. This is a good thing! I'm 32! I can't handle hang-overs any more, yet my love of beer isn't going away... What to do, what to do?

After a particularly gnarly hangover, I decided to attempt a 'sober summer' and so far, so good. Thanks, in part, to non-alcoholic beer!

A huge shout out to Rockfest & Budweiser for selling frosty tall-cans of Prohibition brew at this year's festival. For some, abstaining from beer is very easy - just don't drink a beer! Right? Well, I don't want to drink 10 cokes at a music festival and I really, really like beer. In addition to h2O, it is super lovely to be able to grab what TASTES like a refreshing brewski (well, it tastes like a beer because it is... just a de-alcoholized one)!! I hope more music fests follow Rockfest & Budweiser's lead here... looking at you, Bluesfest!

I've had Prohibition, Grolsch's Non-Alcoholic Radler and Non-Alcoholic beer - and then I tried Partake...

Words cannot adequately describe the taste of Partake *hence the .gif* - you've simply GOTTA try it. This is the ONLY non-alcoholic brew I've tried that, taste-wise, could pass for a regular beer. At 0.26% and 10 calories per can, their IPA quickly became my Top Choice. I can't recommend their beer enough!

The company was started by Ted Flemming, an avid craft beer drinker from Toronto, who's surprise medical situation 'changed his focus'. After trying major market non-alcoholic beers, he decided to do his own thing... which meant, making his own non-alcoholic craft beer! 

The company is working on a Stout, which will have 0.5% alcohol content (the highest a brew can have to be considered 'non-alcoholic' and a Lager, also 0.5%. Pictured below, you see their Pale brew which I've yet to track down in Ottawa!

Partake Brewing Non-Alcoholic IPA


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