Video footage from Amy.Volume on Instagram covering Friday @ Rockfest in Montebello, Quebec. Footage includes clips of AFI, Dance Laury Dance, Bad Religion and The Offspring. 

Video footage from Snapchat (@amyvolume): 

Heading back for round two this afternoon. Looking forward to sets from Eagles of Death Metal, Alexisonfire, Queens of the Stone Age and Iggy Pop. IGGY POP!! Punk legend!! 

TIPS: wear boots - wear comfy footwear that can survive the sloppy muck & mud. Maybe bring extra socks, too! 

Bring cash. Sun screen. A rain coat or poncho. A hat.  

Pro TIP: if you're driving, bring snacks and water in the car. After a long day at Rockfest, you'll be happy you have some H2O and sustinance for the ride home.  

*Written from the perspective of a 31/f with rheumatoid arthritis (I always take Tylenol before spending all day on my feet) accessing privilidged areas reserved for Media.