Everett and I have been guests of the Mateway Arena in Renfrew, Ontario, for their FREE Public Skating on Sunday afternoons. It's becoming a healthy weekend tradition for us to get out there and enjoy winter activities! I, personally, haven't laced up since we lived in Beachburg (about 13+ years ago). To be honest, I don't even remember skating throughout my high school years either... So, it's been closer to 20 years since I skated... seriously. Anyway, the time has come where E is showing interest in hockey and skating, so I have been taking him out. To my surprise, I'm not terrible! Getting better with each outing. Everett, almost 3, has a wee skate aid (that red bar thingy) and we wear our helmets and take it easy. 

Today, I got us some tickets to skate on the Canada 150 Rink. I got them DAY OF, and with zero issue (so far) so if you've been thinking about applying for ice time on the Hill but the idea of booking in advance stresses you out, don't sweat it. It was easy, free and if you're already familiar with the rules for skating on Parliament, the check out process is a breeze.

Have you skated on the Canada 150 Rink yet? If yes, is there a "slow lane" or safe zone for little learners? Typically at the Renfrew arena, we've been scooting into the middle of the rink to putter around. 

Wobbly Skate for Canada 150 skating day!!

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