Full story via Imgur: http://imgur.com/gallery/YSgiu

"Soapmaking to raise money for my mom" by Imgur user Banjokanin.

A little backstory:
My mom got diagnosed with leukemia half a year ago. It’s been rough on not only the family but specially her. Numerous admissions and infections, chemotherapy and pain is taking its toll. That’s why I started making soaps. Being creative and using my hands has always been something to make me relax. I decided to create an Etsy page, because I thought I could raise a little money to give her something to take her mind off her illness.
— Banjokanin, Imgur

This story hits close to home for me. FUCK CANCER. As children of people who're fighting this bullshit, you feel kind of helpless. What can we do? How can we make things better? Regardless of how big or small a gesture, we have to do something. This lady chooses to make soaps!

She sells them out of her Etsy shop: SoapGardenDK in Denmark and ships 'em pretty much anywhere in the world. While the actual handmade bars of soap aren't all that pricey, the shipping can be (depending on where you live, obviously). 

I found this young woman's attitude admirable and wish her and her family the absolute best. If you're looking for some feel good soaps - visit her shop. I ordered sandalwood and peppermint scented versions of what's pictured below!

 Tea-tree and daisy soap - CA$10 via SoapGardenDK

Tea-tree and daisy soap - CA$10 via SoapGardenDK