It's been two years since the passing of an old friend and former radio college. I had a dream about Lloydminster last night, actually. It felt very real. I was leaving Lloyd, prepping for the long drive home and on my way out of town I drove by a cemetery. I had to stop. I had to pay my respects.

Drove in through the gates and realized this wasn't your typical cemetery. This wasn't doom and gloom and headstones and crying - this was more like Rochester, New York's "House of Guitars".

The place was packed with people: friends, family and fans looking for specific epitaphs. After what felt like hours of rooting through headstones and rock memorabilia, I had to ask for help. I consulted the cemetery's legend/map. I found his name and it was in the "Ace of Spades" area of the bad-ass mausoleum. I later, consciously, realized if such a cemetery existed, he would be in the Guns n Roses area... for sure.

I never did find my friend but it was a cool dream. Very vivid. I don't know why that dream came to me last but when I woke I realized that the date of his passing is almost here. He was 33 and is missed by many.