Photographer: Claudia Gori

It was for moments like this: when Camilla wanted to hug her babies and snuggling on the floor was the best way to do it. As much as Camilla might like to lift them, she can't.
"I saw, in one gesture, both struggle and sweetness," Gori said. "That picture touches me in a very intimate way."

I usually shy away from CNN - but I was very happy to see this article pop up on my feed. It's very hard to be a mother with physical limitations. It can be heartbreaking to not be able to do a basic chore or have that confident human interaction (like holding a child).

To try and explain to others why I need to "ration" my physical efforts such as; I can only go up and down the stairs once per hour, so I'd better make it count or; if I do a lot of walking tonight, I won't be able to move tomorrow, and; the more effort I put in, the faster I become exhausted.

I'm rich in many ways - but I do struggle in others. It's all about perspective and this article got it right:

"She knows she can't have a different body, and it doesn't stop her from pursuing -- and achieving -- her goals."