Last night, shortly after supper time, Elvis went into a coughing fit and was having trouble breathing. He had been up and down over the past week - but all signs indicated that he wouldn't bounce back. The end was near for our little Shih Tzu. 

I took him in to the ER Vet and had Elvis put to sleep around 8pm, Sunday, November 8th.

It is a strange feeling to come home to a dogless house. I adopted him almost four years ago from the Gatineau SPCA and we have done a lot together in our small window of time. I love him very much - and it has been very hard on me emotionally. 

I held him in my arms while he was given the medicine to stop his heart. It was all very fast and I know this was the only way to end his suffering. Elvis was living with heart failure and obstructed lung(s). When his gums turned white, I knew he wasn't able to breathe on his own. 

It hurts so much being without that little ray of sunshine. My solice is knowing he had a good run as part of my family. I will miss him eternally. I hope he continues to watch over his little brother, Everett, from beyond - as I know he did in life.

We love you, Elvis. You were a good boy.