Just a quick blog to say "hello" while Elvis & I wait for his vet appointment. We are going to discuss a care plan & assess quality of life now that we've learned of Elvis' heart failure.  

Animals can live with the condition but it is important for me to be a responsible pet owner & to not keep him around if he is suffering.  

Its certainly selfish for me to want little Elvis to live forever... But depending on what the good doctor says, it'd be nice for us to have another Christmas together!  



Update post Vet visit: Elvis' heart is so enlarged that it is putting a lot of pressure on his wind pipe. He also has a mass in his lungs. We are going to treat him with lasix and hypertension meds until his quality of life declines to the point of - well - you know. The Vet, who's worked with Elvis since I rescued him, says that as long as he's eating and maintaining a fairly "happy" disposition then we can probably have anywhere from 6 months up to a year left together.

It's hard. No one wants to think about the end. But Elvis' end is near and I want to make sure he is comfortable and thoroughly enjoys the rest of his time here with us!