Transgender Day of Remembrance - November 20th, 2015

Rommy Torrico for TransLatina Coalition

#TDoR in Ottawa:

A Vigil at the Human Rights Monument: November 20th between 9pm and 11pm (Elgin St./near the courthouse)

"Trans Day of Remembrance is a day to memorialize and grieve trans lives lost. Every year hundreds of trans people around the world, including in Canada, are discriminated against, attacked, assaulted, and murdered because of who they are as trans people. Many more take their own lives.

At this vigil we will remember those we have lost in the past year. Trans women, especially trans women of colour, often who are also sex workers, face the brunt of violence, often facing intersections of transmisogyny, racism, and poverty. 

Come grieve the losses we experience as a community, and celebrate our victories and resilience hoping and working to see many more in the near future."

#TDoR in Lanark County/Perth: