Exactly three months ago, I started on air with Rogers Media Ottawa - working the 2p-7p "Drive" shift on 105.3 KiSS FM. While I was hired to be the MidDay personality, I had to pull vacation relief for our Drive host - nothing like being thrown right into it, eh?

Today ends my probation period - and yes, things are going very well. I wanted to tweet about it or post more on social media but figured that would be tacky in light of today's events.

Broadcasting is a very tough industry. There are days when I don't know if I'm cut out for it emotionally; I have the passion. I have the drive. I've been told I have the skills... but to be honest, it's days like today that remind me: everything is temporary.

You can only be your best self - do your best work - please the people who're listening/watching/counting on you. Just don't hold your breath thinking about tomorrow. You can't control the future. This is "show biz" after all. Sometimes there is no "tomorrow" as many broadcasters found out today (and as I have found out in the past). 

I mention this because I am a broadcaster, a part of the "radio family" and though I did not know the people personally affected by today's massive media layoffs, it would seem pretty glib for me to blog about how happy I am at my work in light of what's happened today.

I am happy. I have worked hard for this. I love my job.

Let's not forget that this happened today, too, in Ottawa: CTV co-anchor, CFRA staff laid off in Bell Media job cuts 

An open letter of sentiment from ME to the UNEMPLOYED: Here's hoping you all land on your feet and are able to experience the whole "Onward and Upward" mantra I've come to appreciate. Take time to be angry, sad, bitter or whatever - you've earned it & you're human. In my personal experience, I was able to rise above and come out of a dark and confusing place (that was unemployment, for over a year within this industry) and am settling in very nicely with my new position. It didn't come easy. There were times when I considered giving up. But I didn't. And you won't, either. Work hard. HARD. Hard! And be honest with yourself and those around you. Have integrity and accept nothing but the best for you and your future audience. 

I'm proud of myself and the work I do. Remember to only look back to see how far you've come & take pride in your achievements, personally and professionally! You've got this.