Poor little Elvis. Our beloved 11 year old Shih Tzu has been having a rough time lately. He has been coughing as of last Tuesday or Wednesday. On Friday morning, I took him in to the 24 hour ER vet clinic after a particularly unrelenting coughing fit... They kept him for the day and we now know that he has congenital heart failure. His heart is enlarged and there is evidence of atrophied tissue in his lungs. 

I saw the X rays & it's no wonder our little guy can't breathe.  

Pretty much all day on Friday I was expecting him to die or to have to be euthanized. That's the kind of shape I left him in at 7am.  

He was released to us with some medicine that should help him through this rough coughing phase. I'm told that animals can still have good quality of life when living with heart failure. We will know more on Tuesday when he undergoes a tertiary X ray. 

If things look significantly worse, I will have a decision to make. It is about his quality of life. No pet should suffer because their owner can't make the (very hard) decision.  

Elvis came into my life as a rescue from the Gatineau SPCA four years ago. He is a part of our family, and I have made a commitment to be with him til the end.  

Pet ownership is very rewarding but, as most of us know, very sad when the time comes. And it always does come. :( 

We'll see what the X Rays show & what Elvis' vet thinks next week. Praying for a positive outcome. There are some ongoing devestating scenarios in my personal life at the moment and I need my little side kick!